Thursday, February 13, 2020

Red Barn across the Creek.

©Robin Edmundson, 'Red barn, creek', watercolor, 10 x 14 inches.
Framed to 16 x 20 inches.  $375

I don't have lot to say about this one.   I'm practicing water and reflections and grass on the edges of the creeks.

Artists problem-solve a lot.   Each time we begin a piece, the first thing we learn is what we don't know how to render.

For a watercolorist like me, that means that the first draft is usually destined to become a fire starter.  Some time around the 3rd or 4th draft things fall in place - which means I've learned how to paint the things I didn't know how to paint when I started.   It takes time and persistence.  And even a well-rendered subject can make a poor painting if other factors such as color, value [light/dark] and composition are not well thought out.

[So when you see someone whip out a gorgeous watercolor in 20 minutes, remember that it took weeks and years of learning, along with hundreds of failures, to allow her/him to do that.   Never ask an artist 'How long did it take to paint/make that?'   It took years.]

There are some things I really love about this piece.  You'll be able to see it at my upcoming show at The Venue in Bloomington, Indiana in April, 2020.

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