Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Melon - Sakata's Sweet

This was Sakata's Sweet a couple of weeks ago.    They stay small - just larger than a softball.

The one in the photo below is sitting in a regular sized cereal bowl. 

When ripe, they turn yellow-ish and the stem end of the melon starts to crack.

Unlike muskmelons, the stem does not detach when ripe - you have to cut it.    Three of these spoiled before I figured out that I was waiting too long to pick them.

The inside is green - like a honeydew.  The texture of the flesh is rather grainy but it is very sweet.

Delicious, if you like honeydew melons.


  1. Been at Mom's for a week with the tempermental computers, then came home ill. Let's see if I can fit a week worth of comments into one. Red Zebra - lovey. Cantaloupe jam - Mom would go wild for this. Cantaloupe is her favorite melon, honeydew mine. This Sakaata melon looks like it's seedier than most, with less flesh? Is the flavor worth the ratio? I'm not much of a carrot person, these pickled carrots have me rethinking the situation! Your pantry must be a gorgeous place to go on a rainy day - you've got a bottled rainbow to cheer you up. I'm going to stop rambling now. Except - do you doctor oils as well as vinegars? Do you find heating the vinegar and herbs releases more flavor?

  2. Hi Kitten! The flavor of the Sakata was very sweet. None of them got much bigger and there were a lot of seeds. I'm not a good judge of honeydew flavor, but this one was nice and sweet.

    You can heat the vinegar, but I like my with a raw-er flavor. No need to heat if you can wait a week or so to let it meld.

  3. When we got home from the funeral in DE, we discovered that critters had destroyed all our melons. I was too sick about it to tell you. :(


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