Saturday, September 28, 2013


I love fall pepper harvest time.  Mostly because I love this soup.   You must try it!

Our goal was to get really sweet peppers this year - not hot ones, so I read through all the description of the peppers from Baker Creek and I chose four kinds.   Red Marconi, Golden Marconi, Ozark Giant and Quadrato D'Asti Rosso.

None of them did very well this year in the cool, damp spring.   They did a bit better after things got hot in later summer, but harvest was nothing like last year.  

Red Marconi.   These are long peppers, sweet, excellent flavor and we loved them.   I'll be doing these again.   Fleshy and good for all types of cooking, roasting and stuffing.

Golden Marconi.  Just as good as the red and I love that color.

Ozark Giant.  We got a few of these, but the bugs got most of them before we did.   I'll try them again, but they weren't as sweet or as large as the Marconis.

Quadrato D'Ast Rosso.   We didn't get a single one of these.   I'll save the seed and try one more time next year because they're supposed to be superb, but it looks like these guys are a bit sensitive.   We'll see.

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