Monday, October 14, 2013

Cold Frames and Hoop Houses

This is a pic of radishes that I was growing in my zone 4 garden in December.


They were delicious. 

I grew them in a cold frame.

If you haven't done it already, it's time to set up and plant those cold frames and hoop houses.
 Here's how I do my cold frames.   It's not rocket science.   Straw bales and an old tempered glass door on top.   I toss some clear plastic over the whole thing to tuck it in when it gets way cold and stays that way. 

Radishes and fennel in December!   Mmmmm.  Greens all winter long!

If you have the space and actually want to stand up in your cold frame, then try a hoop house.  Here is how we built ours.  Follow the links in the posts for more information and theory about how they work.  [The trick is to blanket things inside, too.]

We're doing just hoop houses this year.  Greens, carrots, onions, radishes, fennel and a few potatoes. 


  1. I love, love, love the hoop house. Someday I will have a yard with room for more than two garbage cans and a tomato plant, and I will build a hoop house. And someday I also hope you will post what you do with your fennel. I'm forever looking for fennel bulb recipes, and you have creativity coming out of your fingertips. :)

  2. Great posting, and very timely for me. Just yesterday I was eyeing this huge glass door that is stored in our chicken coop. Next time I'm at the feed store I will pick up some extra straw bales and make my cold frame.


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