Monday, February 9, 2015

Marmalade Recipe Roundup

It's Februrary and that means it's marmalade season.   I love marmalade.  Nothing is as beautiful this time of year as a jar of citrusy sunshine.

I love marmalade on toast.   Also, on pancakes.  Also, on Blueberry Steel Cut Oats with yogurt.  Also, on brownies.   Also, on ice cream.    Also, on brownies with ice cream.

I love marmalade!  

Here are a few tips and recipes to get you started.   

And once you have the jam made, here are some fabulous things you can do with it!

Orange Marmalade Cranberry Jammy Oatcakes

Eric's Jam Bars


Want the recipe for these Marmalades and a whole lot of other terrific jam recipes?   Check out my ebook:  A Simple Jar of Jam  at   You can preview the book by clicking the link on the sidebar.  Every purchase helps support this site.  Thank you!


  1. Those look like some fun variations! We made some with cuties last year that was pretty good, but we'll have to try the mixes with rhubarb and chocolate! (Where do you get rhubarb this time of year?)

    1. Cuties! That's a great idea! Going to have to try some.

      We live in the rural Midwest and it's still possible to find frozen rhubarb at some grocery stores. Also, we try to save and freeze the rhubarb we grow. Chop it and drop it in bags. Easy.


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