Sunday, November 5, 2017

So Very Grateful

© Robin Edmundson, 'Light in the Barn', watercolor, 10 x 14 inches.
November is a great month for focusing on gratitude.  I know it's cliche.  I don't care.  It's very important to be grateful.  Not just because 'It's important to be grateful', but because getting into a place of gratitude for what is in front of us is the first step in getting us in the right headspace to attract best-life things to us.

My sisters, mom & I have a daily gratitude group on fb.  No rules.  We generally post 5 things a day we're grateful for.  The lists are varied and creative and can include a very wide gamut of things:  paper clips, warm socks,  running water,  good doctors, the courage to stretch one's comfort zone, a sense of humor, spirituality, etc.  These lists are small things, but it's amazing what a large impact they can have some days in our relationships and daily activities.

Here's my list.  Today I feel so very grateful for:

  • 1.  The internet.  So many reasons!!
  • 2.  A keyboard that fits my hands.
  • 3.  My camera - and a brain that allows me to learn to take better pictures.
  • 4.  Hope:  I hope to improve myself this year, hope to improve my relationships, hope to get much closer to living my Best Life every day.   
  • 5.  Such terrific people who follow my blog.  I run into you everywhere and I love it when you say hi or follow up on something I've posted here.   I've been trying to be better at making real connections with you here this year.  I hope you can tell.  I'm really thankful for you.   

I heart you all!!  Today I'm sending you a little whisper in your ear that you have something of value to offer your world and that it's OK to offer it. 

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