Saturday, December 30, 2017


I love the word Intention.   So much potential there.   I love potential. Potential for being my Best Self, living my Best Life,  being a Better Person, etc.  I also get overwhelmed by potential.  So many options - which is  the most efficient one, the most cost effective one, the right one, the best one.  Also, there's the whole - 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' thing - which clearly underscores the necessity for action in addition to intention.   And there's the intentions as wishes thing, but I like to think about intentions as baby goals.

Changes and actions usually start with intention, so I've been paying close attention to my intentions for the last while.  It's made me notice when I have mixed feelings about things, or when I'm letting fear be a guiding principle. [I think I want XYZ, but really I just don't want to be scared anymore - and then I realize I can get out of fear in other ways that may have nothing to do with XYZ.]  I've learned that I like to set Intentions that I can realistically be responsible for.   I can't decide how much yarn I'm going to sell, but I can decide to treat every client with kindness and respect - and become a better person in the bargain.

My intention for the next while is to be a more laughing/smiling person.  I need more laughing and I know the world is full of delightful and crazy situations so I'm going to focus on finding and sharing those. It's so good to laugh together. To that end, I found an old post from the blog that might bring a smile to your face.   This is what happened the day I tackled a rosebush with the mower.   I hope you get a good laugh.

What are your intentions for the next while?

p.s.  We'll be announcing details later this month for My Best Life Now retreat in October.  We're so excited!

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