Sunday, March 4, 2018


I'm going to get right to the point. 

You need support.  The best support will come from your tribe. 

I tried for years to skip the support/tribe thing so I know what the rest of you introverts are thinking right now.  And I totally understand.   Yes, you can go it alone.  Yes, there are good reasons not to trust some people. Yes, it makes you stronger.   Also tired-er.  And grumpier.  And gives you tunnel vision because you're too close to things.  You lose perspective.  I know because I did all of this. 

You need support.   You deserve support.  Because we're not just talking about getting by here, we're talking about living your Best Life.  Not just an adequate one.

So your challenge this week is to consider your tribe. 

Your tribe is that group of people with whom you are able to be your lovely, honest, imperfect self.  They love you any way you show up.  And they bring out the best in you.

Did you get that?  Your tribe does two very important things:  They love you as you are and they bring out the best in you. 

Sit down for a minute and make a list of the people in your life who do both of those things.  It doesn't have to be a long list.  They don't have to know each other.  They don't have to be your besties or already know all your secrets. 

Write down those names and as you write, feel the love with every stroke.   These people are your tribe.  They already love you.  You don't have to prove anything to them. 

Now set a timer and spend five and a half minutes just sending them love. 

If you're an over-achiever, like I am, send them a little love note.  Email, phone call, note card, text, whatever.  Just touch base so they know you're there and thinking about them.  That's enough.  Because they're your tribe and already love you the way you are. 

[If you feel very stuck with this, please know that I am your tribe. I love you exactly the way you already are.  I'd love to hear from you.]

Want a few more people in your tribe?  I'd love you to join our Best Self facebook group where we can talk freely about becoming our best selves - and all that that entails.  In addition, I have another group, The Well Balanced Artist, for artists and creatives of all kinds and in all stages of their creative lives, who are trying to balance their art, business and personal lives.  We'd love to be your tribe.


  1. I'm off Facebook and so won't join groups, but this post is very timely in my personal life, and I want to thank you. Not just for this post -- for your words and images in general. I don't think I've ever commented, but I read every post here, and your watercolors are not only gorgeous, they're also very inspiring. Inspiring enough to make me want to try it out, even though I have little talent in anything painting-related (or lack of patience for myself, which ends up the same!). We'll see!

    1. Helene! I'm so very happy you touched base with me here. I'm sending you boatloads of love! If the paintings are speaking to you, then you need to get in touch with that creativity in yourself. Get some paint and just play. If you want a bit of direction, then start with my watercolor meditations [link in the sidebar]. Sending many, many hugs!

    2. You're right, of course. And I read your meditations - even without paint and a brush, they helped me getting more grounded. Many, many higs right back!


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