Wednesday, May 23, 2018


On a recent drive through Goose Pond, we started pulling into a parking area and noticed this killdeer refusing to move even when faced with the giant blue truck.  I got out to see what was going on and she flew off a short distance and began this display - pretending to be injured to draw us away from... the gravel? 

Seriously - there was no nest on the ground and I couldn't figure out  why she would even consider a nest on the gravel and why she was luring me away from .... rocks? 

So I looked a little closer and found this single egg almost at my feet.  That's a blade of dried grass on the right of it.   It was maybe an inch long.  Just the one. 

They generally lay clutches of 4-6 eggs.  We left her in peace and I wish her luck.  That's not an easy place to raise a family.

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