Sunday, May 6, 2018


The theme for this month is 'balance'.  Balance is hard for me.  I do a lot of things, wear a lot of hats, work as efficiently as I can to be as productive as I can be, which means I often neglect things that are good for me and which feel good when I do them, but do not meet my very strict definition of  'productive'.  I love how I feel when I'm productive.  I don't love how I feel when I'm neglecting something and get out of balance.

Lately I feel very out of balance.  To get back in balance, I answered these questions:

A.  What are the things/goals I'm trying to accomplish and work toward these days?
  • Am I making progress?
  • Do I feel good about that progress
B.  What am I neglecting?
  • Has that neglect caused problems?   What are they?
C.  Do I want to continue feeling out of balance?
  • What specific things do I need to do to address the things I'm neglecting?
  • How much time will I set aside to address these?  (Doesn't have to be a lot)
D.  What strategy will I use to free up the time I need to do these things?
  • What things will I no longer spend time on?  
  • What boundaries will I instate to protect my time & focus?
  • What physical space do I need to have available?
  • What reminders do I need?
E.  Who do I have to support me? [This one is not easy for me, either.]
  • My accountability partner is _______________.
  • My cheerleader is _______________.
F.  How am I going to reward myself for doing this stuff (based on difficulty/effort)?
  • My little reward is _______________.
  • My medium sized reward is _______________.
  • My OMG-I-really-did-this reward is _______________.
  • My accountability partner who will make sure I reward myself is _______________.

My current issues have to do with a creative practice and a meditation practice.  I need to schedule these into my day.   I have very reasonable and measurable goals.  My meditation practice is five and a half minutes.  [Seriously.  Go to that link and read about it.]   I set a timer.   My creative practice should be at least 10 minutes.  I'll set a timer for that one, too. 

The challenge for me with these is that I do them better when I'm in the right head space and I haven't been, so it's hard to sit down and sketch or meditate.   I think my strategy for this is to do them first thing in the day, then give myself a really awesome reward when I've done them for so long.  10 days?  30 days?  [Note:  I'm not interested in doing them everysingleday-all-or-nothing.  30 days with the occasional skip is still 30 days and that would be awesome.  They don't have to be 30 consecutive days.]   I'm still thinking about the reward thing.  It brings up other issues I have about being deserving of rewards.   I have more work to do on that.   Maybe I should give myself a reward for accepting a reward?  I'll keep you posted. 


  1. Find joy. As it happens. Not sure you can schedule joy.
    Maybe we put our lists aside for 10 minutes and have that cup of coffee with our spouse, or that conversation with my son on the way to OR from the car??

    1. Kathy - you are so right! That's exactly what I'm having to do. Set aside the rush to DO and just focus on BE.


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